Tanlines on tour!

The other day I was shopping and “Real Life” was playing, which reminded me that Tanlines is going to be in DC soon!  The Brooklyn based duo will be performing at DC9 on Wednesday, April 11th.  The show is 18+ and tickets are $12 and already on sale- buy them here!  Tanlines has recently released a music video for their first single off of Mixed Emotions “Brothers” and it’s an interesting interactive 360º view of them in their London flat. Have a look at it over at GoPano– it’s viewable on the Iphone if you download their app, as well.  Their second single “All of Me” is currently available as a download over at True Panther Sounds.

A bit more about “All of Me”

 “All of Me” is the kind of spirited and soaring track Tanlines have somehow gotten really really really good at making. An intimate song about love and fear busted out into a digital stadium. It’s a SPRING song more than a summer song, maybe even a springtime in New York song…which is convenient because this spring is going to have some Tanlines tour dates that you can find below. Hope you enjoy the track and pre-order the record, which you can get on mailorder exclusive color vinyl for the time being.

Their new LP, Mixed Emotions, comes out March 20 via True Panther Sounds.  You can pre-order it over here.

“Real Life”

“New Flowers”