Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith at DC9


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith will be performing at DC9 on Saturday, November 4th.  Tickets are on sale tomorrow (7/13) at 10am here.

She will be touring to promote her upcoming album, The Kid due October 6th via Western Vinyl.  Pre-order the album here.  Listen to track 2, “An Intention” below.

Tracklist for The Kid

01.  I Am A Thought
02.  An Intention
03.  A Kid
04.  In The World
05.  I Am Consumed
06.  In The World, But Not Of The World
07.  I Am Learning
08.  To Follow And Lead
09.  Until I Remember
10.  Who I Am And Why I Am Where I Am
11.  I Am Curious, I Care
12.  I Will Make Room For You
13.  To Feel Your Best